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June 7, 1994 - September 7, 2013

Daniel would have enjoyed the turnout we had. Thank you all for attending.

I will be revamping this web page very soon. So check back.
Thank you,
Jeff Ecklund

Current Status

9/5 - Daniel has passed away. He was given Last Rights around noon. The recent MRI indicated that his head injuries sustained from the accident were too severe to survive. There was no chance of recovery. He had died at the scene. He was a strong, healthy young man and as a registered organ donor, he is offering others hope for life in his death.
9/4 - Daniel's condition is not improving. He is having an MRI this afternoon to reassess his head injuries and damage to his brain. We are having a meeting with the medical team after they review the results.
9/3 - Daniel has a fever and his electrolytes are off. They are giving him meds to compensate for his sodium and potassium imbalance. The brain would normally take care of these things.
9/3 - Daniel is currently in a medically induced coma while they wait for his brain swelling to subside. His vital signs are stable but not quite ready for leg & arm surgery. We wait for Daniel at this point.
9/2 - Daniel's vitals are stable but his o2 saturation took a dip so they increased his supplemental oxygen from 40% to 60%. They did an in-place x-ray, but found no cause for it.
8/31 to 9/1 - a blur
8/30 - Daniel was in a bad accident on Friday, August 30th at 7:30pm while on his way home from work. He was riding his longboard too fast and collided with a small pickup and trailer. He was not wearing his helmet. He sustained severe head injuries, fractured skull, broken nose, jaw, leg and a rib. There were witnesses and help at the scene instantly. He was rushed to Harborview Hospital in Seattle.